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  • SOLUTIONS FOR: CPAP users take thousands of breaths a night, leaving germs and pathogens behind that can lead to unhealthy sleep. Kinship Comfort Brands CPAP/BIPAP Filters, filter out germs and pathogens from your CPAP Machine.
  • PERFORMANCE: Our CPAP Filters provide a 99.99% filtration efficiency rate, purifying the airflow to prevent germ particles from entering the CPAP machine during Sleep Therapy.
  • QUALITY AND DESIGN: Sonically sealed and manufactured with no chemical additives. The small, lightweight and translucent design offer easy visualization of water buildup to help you determine it is time to replace your filter.
  • COMFORT AND FIT:The dimensions for our CPAP filters are: SIDE 1 – Inside Diameter: 22 mm Outside Diameter: 25 mm – SIDE 2 – Inside Diameter : 15 mm Outside Diameter :22 mm. Our filters will fit 98% of the CPAP/BIPAP machines currently available.
  • KINSHIP COMFORT BRANDS: Kinship’s inline CPAP filters are available in 5 & 10 unit multi-packs, and ship to your home from our facility in the U.S. Kinship Comfort Brands offer a full line of Protection, Performance and Wellness products including Leg Braces, Calf Sleeves, Knee Braces, and Elbow Sleeves. We also offer Compression sleeves, Wound Care Bandages and CPAP accessories.
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