Kinship Cares

Kinship Comfort Brands mission is to develop, build and market products that provide our customers Protection, helps improve Performance and promote Wellness in their everyday lives.

That is only a part of KCB. Our Kin-Cares Program goes beyond the product and the normal day to day workings of our company. Kin-Cares is at the core of who KCB is as a company. Our main goal is to be good Citizens in the community in which we live and Work.

To help us achieve this goal we have partnered with the Community foundation of Greater Greensboro. CFGG provides our community with an outstanding platform for individuals and companies to make an impact and “to help solve challenges and purse opportunities to improve our regions quality of life."

A percentage of Kinship Comfort Brands profits will be donated thru the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro to the needs of our region. Through Grants and Scholarships we at KCB hope to impact and addresses some of the critical needs we have in our Community.