Five Count - CPAP Inline Filter

Five Count - CPAP Inline Filter

Five Count - CPAP Inline Filter

  • CPAP Inline Filter
  • • Sonically Sealed - No Chemical Adhesives
  • • Quick & Simple to Install and Replace
  • • Allows For Bi-Directional Airflow
  • • Filtration Efficiencies of over 99.99+% in CPAP/BIPAP Filters
  • • Replace Disposable foam filter frame units with Single Use Only Filters

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A Must Have For All CPAP/BiPAP Machine Users – Especially Those Suffering From Allergies!

The Inline Filter is another line of defense against bacteria, viruses and allergens that are often associated with CPAP/BiPAP use.
Air entering your CPAP/Bilevel machine is filtered through the machine’s inlet filter. Our Inline Filter is placed at the CPAP air OUTLET, and connects to your tube to filter air again as it enters your tube and mask.
Our Bacteria Filter material is constructed to remove 99.99% of airborne contaminants.
Use of Inline Filters is clinically recommended when a CPAP machine is used by more than one person.
Many CPAP users find the enhanced filtration helpful in reducing occurrence of sinus infections and other nasal irritations.
Use of Inline Filters enhances the built in filtration of your internal CPAP Machine filtration system.
Inline Filters are housed in a sonically sealed plastic frame and are thus, glue free.
Can be used with humidifiers.
Available in 5 Pack or 10 Pack


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