Become an Affiliate

Welcome to the Kinship Comfort Brands Distributor and Affiliate Programs
an excellent way to generate additional revenue with your Website, Distributorship or Store!

Our Programs are in development and we plan to launch them both in late October.

The Programs will include:
  • Discounts based upon Volume and Advertising.
  • Order Tracking will be at your fingertips with our live links.
  • You can set up an interface to receive notification immediately upon Order approval.
  • Order Fulfillment by KCB ~ you simply send the customers our way, and when they make a purchase, we pay you a commission.
  • Increase your Sales without any Cost of Inventory or Fulfillment!

  • Discounts based upon Volumes. Prices will be set by Account once we set you up as a Distributor.
  • We will ship goods to your Distribution Center in Bulk and we will Invoice as shipped.
  • Terms will be finalized when the Program is launched.
  • Increase your Sales with unique items that are Priced for Profits and not easily Compared to National Brands!

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate or Wholesaler of Kinship Comfort Brand Products, email at and we will contact you when the Program is up and running.