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1.Skin Protection Sleeves for Arms and Legs from Kinship Comfort Brands Now Offered by Rehabmart.com
Perfect for aging, fragile, thin or compromised skin, these arm and leg sleeves help protect against skin tears, abrasions and bruising. Completely latex-free, these special sleeves are constructed with a soft Lycra and cotton blend that provides a comfortably snug and breathable fit for sensitive skin, and will help wick away moisture and perspiration during warmer weather.

2.What are a skin tears and how to prevent them.
What is a skin tear? There aren’t many other words that would look as terrible together as these two words. Skin tear. Sounds ghastly. But it is a real and quite common problem for the elderly population who often experience thin and fragile skin resulting from years of sun exposure or simply from the aging process. The simplest or slightest bump or knock on this thinning skin can cause tissue damage, often occurring from a caregiver’s contact during handling and moving of an elderly client. Even those among the older generation who are independent and active may experience skin tears during daily activities such as gardening, cleaning, or simply by the slightest bump against a door jam.

Although a somewhat common injury among the elderly, skin tears can be traumatic injuries. These tears may happen due to shearing and friction forces, sometimes caused by the handling and transfer of an individual by a caregiver, or a by a blunt trauma like falling or bumping into a table edge. A skin tear is basically either a partial or full separation of the outer layers of the skin, causing the epidermis to separate from the dermis, which is a partial thickness wound, or causing both the epidermis and the dermis to separate from the underlying structures, which is a full thickness wound. These skin tears can be significant and complex wounds with complications such as an infection or a compromised vascular status which can increase morbidity or mortality risks.

And the elderly are not the only people who experience skin tears. Many individuals can experience conditions that may precipitate a higher risk of skin tears including dry and fragile skin; the ingestion of certain medications such as steroids which can thin the skin; impaired vision or mobility which can cause accidents; poor nutrition and hydration; and comorbidities which compromise vascularity and skin status such as chronic heart disease, cerebral vascular accidents, or renal failure.

One of the best and easiest ways to help prevent skin tears are with the Kinship Comfort Brands Skin Protection Sleeves for the arms and legs. Made from 93% soft cotton and 7% Lycra, these latex-free skin protection sleeves not only provide an added layer of protection, they also offer warmth without compression on the fragile skin. While helping to reduce or eliminate skin traumas stemming from bumps, friction force, or abrasion, the soft cotton of these made-in-the-USA skin protection sleeves will breathe, letting air help cool the skin. This construction also helps to wick away perspiration during the hot summer weather, while the small amount of Lycra provides the ability and elasticity to maintain the sleeve shape and hugging ability without restriction or binding.

Skin tears wounds can be difficult and costly to treat, yet many times a skin tear resulting from bumping into furniture or friction forces can simply be avoided by wearing a Kinship Comfort Skin Protection Sleeve. Wound sites or an IV site can also be covered by a protection sleeve, hiding bandages and dressings with a neutral skin-colored look. These washable and reusable protection sleeves can easily be used by elderly patients in assisted living facilities, long term care, or by those living at home.

Help protect an aging loved one, or a friend or neighbor with a simple and very useful present of health, security and safety with a skin protection sleeve. Although we can’t stop the aging process from continuing, some of the aches and pains of growing old can be prevented just by using a simple garment such as a skin protection sleeve. An inexpensive, smart and effective way to prevent skin tears and the suffering and pain that follows.

Article by:
Bill Stock Executive Editor, Content & Social Media Services
Hulet Smith, OT Rehabmart Team Leader & CEO

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